Who framed Roger rabbit Movie (1988) | Summary, Review, Cast & Plot

Who framed Roger rabbit Movie (1988) | Summary, Review, Cast & Plot
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Who framed Roger Rabbit Movie Summary

The movie takes place in "Toontown", a ghetto-like place where Hollywood's animated cartoon stars live. Roger Rabbit, a leading citizen of the town is framed for the murder of a nightclub owner, Marvin Acme. Detective Eddie Valiant whose brother was killed because of a toon takes up the case and tries to prove Roger Rabbit innocent.

Who framed Roger Rabbit Movie Review

Who Framed Roger Rabbit is a magically adorable movie with live animation and action.   This Movie Is Enjoyable!!  10/10.  It's Such a Fantastic Crossover with Disney/Warner Bros. I Loved The Ending With The Singing Together.  Although it is a great blend, I would not recommend this to younger kids due to some particular scenes involving sexual references and violence.


Who framed Roger Rabbit Movie Cast

  • Bob Hoskins as Eddie Valiant
  • Christopher Lloyd as Judge Doom
  • Charles Fleischer as the voices of Roger Rabbit, Benny the Cab, Greasy, and Psycho
  • Stubby Kaye as Marvin Acme
  • Joanna Cassidy as Dolores
  • Alan Tilvern as R.K. Maroon
  • Lou Hirsch as Baby Herman
  • Kathleen Turner as the voice of Jessica Rabbit
  • Amy Irving as the singing voice of Jessica Rabbit
  • Mel Blanc voiced Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Tweety Bird, and Sylvester.
  • Joe Alaskey voiced Yosemite Sam
  • Wayne Allwine voiced Mickey Mouse
  • Tony Anselmo voiced Donald Duck
  • Tony Pope voiced Goofy and the Big Bad Wolf
  • Russi Taylor voiced Minnie Mouse

Directed by 
  • Robert Zemeckis

Produced by

  • Frank Marshall
  • Robert Watts

Screenplay by
  • Jeffrey Price
  • Peter S. Seaman

Based on Who Censored Roger Rabbit? by
  • Gary K. Wolf
  • Alan Silvestri

  • Dean Cundey

Edited by
  • Arthur Schmidt

Production Company
  • Touchstone Pictures
  • Amblin Entertainment

  • Buena Vista Pictures

Release date
  • June 22, 1988 

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Who framed Roger Rabbit Movie Plot

A day later, Valiant is awoken by Lieutenant Santino (Richard LeParmentier), who informs him that Marvin Acme was killed the night before. Currently, Roger is the prime suspect, given what he thought on Maroon and Valiant.   

Having jurisdiction over Toontown, the Judge explains another method in which toons may be killed: '' The Dip, a mixture of turpentine, acetone, and benzene.  The jolt is demonstrated by the Judge when he rebounds and obliterates a squeaking on the shoe.

Valiant returns to his office to find Baby Herman waiting for him.  Herman pleads with the detective that Roger is innocent and that Acme was likely' bumped off' because he possessed Toontown.  Acme had once made a solemn oath he would leave Toontown from the ownership of the toons if anything else happened to him, according to Herman.  

However, while there's talk that Acme had a will that stipulated that, no one has seen it.  Valiant goes into his office and then glancing at one of the pictures of Jessica and Acme, finds that at Acme's coat pocket is a piece of newspaper that says 'last will.'  

Settling down for a small nap, Valiant discovers Roger is currently hiding in his bed.  Roger, it seems, had been able to locate the office of Valiant after asking a variety of individuals for assistance; however, perhaps not.  

It is most likely that since he's a desirable bunny, someone has told the Toon Patrol concerning his whereabouts.  Valiant tries to eradicate Roger, but the rabbit pleads with the detective to accept his case and help clear his name. Roger explains that after he got upset about the movies, he went to the Ink and Paint Club to watch Jessica.   

He waited for her to seem, but when the weasels showed up searching for him, he took the love-letter and ran away.  Valiant wonders why Roger would come to him, seeing how he took the pictures of Roger's wife.  Roger explains as a result of Valiant's past career of helping too.

Valiant yields to his car to find Roger gone. Jessica's car is followed by him but stops as it pushes into the tunnel.  Valiant arms with a toon rifle (filled with toon bullets) and heads into Toontown.  After a string of madcap hijinks throughout the toon metropolis, Valiant finds himself at an alley.  However, the shot she flames stripe right beyond him.  If she plans, she points to a gun onto the ground behind him. 

Doom was planning to shoot at Valiant, along with her bullet, saved his entire life.  This is precisely the same gun that was used to kill R.K. Maroon.  Far in the distance, the two visit Doom running away, claiming they're' all dead.'  Jessica and Valiant make an effort to possess Valiant's car to give chase, which is gone.  

At the same time, Roger has vanished from  Jessica's trunk (apparently, she had knocked him out and put him in the chest to keep him from getting hurt).  Both Valiant and Jessica can forget a ride out of Benny, who helps them escape from Toontown.  Jessica tells Valiant the Acme gave her the will for safekeeping, also knew Doom was afterwards Toontown.  

The envelope containing the may only hold a sheet of newspaper.  With a barrel of Dip, that ultimately ends up hammering the tires of Benny, causing him to wreck, Doom is awaiting on the opposing hand of this tunnel.  Doom afterwards has Jessica and Valiant.  Nothing can be available, although the two are frisked to your will.  

It is then that Doom explains his master's program.  Planning to end his career because of Toontown judge, he's currently going to take advantage of his stake in Cloverleaf Industries (where he may be your only stockholder).  Pulling a giant cloth aside, he shocks Valiant along with Jessica using a giant Dipmobile, containing Dip that is enough to wash Toontown at a couple of minutes out.  

Doom's master plan is to establish a freeway in its place: a theory that will allow high-speed driving and traffic jams.  Valiant baulks at that, saying that folks can choose the Red  Car Trolley Line for a nickel.  It is then that Doom shows his purchasing of the Trolley Line was a portion of his plan, even as he intends to dismantle the transport system, making people don't have any alternative but to make use of his freeway program.  Only then, Roger bursts through a sewer pipe.  

Doom has both Roger and Jessica suspended at the front end of this room, intending to'dip' them.  Since he walks away, he trips to some gag eyeballs and falls to the earth.   As he disappears around a corner, Valiant manages to divert the weasels, by falling, slipping, and using some Acme gags nearby.  

His lunacy results in the weasels to do as the Judge asserted, and they all die laughing. Valiant manages to abort the cannon's leadership, however, perhaps not before being knocked about by  Judge Doom.  

Throughout the scuffle, Doom ends up getting his hands and foot covered in glue and soon ends up under the front of an  Acme steamroller.  Screaming in his predicament, he was flattened.  However, he rises off a floor.

Valiant gets the correct assumption that the Judge was a town. Doom reveals who he is.  Doom then starts the dipmobile straight up and then proceeds to kill Eddie with a huge toon buzz saw.   With the dive spent, Roger and Jessica have been stored, as the immobile then crashes through the wall, creating an opening into Toontown, where the immobile is struck with a snobby train.  

Once Eddie manages to clear that the Gag Factory floor of Dip, both Roger and Jessica are lowered to the bottom, just in time for Benny to come back with law enforcement, Dolores, along with Lt.
Santino.  Eddie explains that it was Doom who murdered Marvin Acme, in addition to R.K. Maroon, and also his brother Teddy.  

Comment regarding their would-be murderer's death and Every one of the toons of Toontown arrive to see that the carnage.  As Baby Dolores complains their town is at risk of being hammered by another developer, Delores finds a blot on Eddie's top, so it seems that the ink which Acme squirted him according to Roger, was'disappearing and reappearing' ink.  Getting a notion, Eddie returns the love letter to Roger, who begins to learn it.  

Having noted Valiant's funny dance for those weasels, Roger asks Eddie if he has become being a sourpuss.  Eddie pulls his hand away. Eddie then grabs him by the throat and asks, "Does this answer your question" proof that Eddie has turned into his sense of humour back!  Eddie, Dolores, Roger, and Jessica walk off towards Toontown, as quite a few animation characters starring the song,' Smile, darn you, smile!'   

As he addresses the crowd just before Tinkerbell flies in to tap the scene in her tradition to create this film collaboration that is special to a detailed. Former toon private-eye Eddie Valiant (Bob Hoskins) is named into this Maroon Cartoon Studios lot at the request of its proprietor R.K. Maroon (Alan Tilvern).  

Maroon is angry that certain of those studio's biggest stars, Roger Rabbit, has put the Baby Herman cartoon over-budget by $25,000.  Maroon chalks mistakes being acted by Roger's up to him being focused on his wife, Jessica.  Recent newspaper articles have circulated rumours that Jessica is currently seeing someone else. 

Maroon assigns  Valiant to shoot pictures to verify that rumour.  When Valiant claims he doesn't work in Toontown, Maroon informs him that Jessica plays at a bar in Los Angeles called 'The Ink and Paint Club.'  Valiant takes the assignment for $100, of which Maroon pays $50 upfront, and the other half promised upon finishing the assignment.  

After that evening, Valiant goes into the Ink and Paint Club, where he experiences Toontown's owner and gag king, Marvin Acme (Stubby Kaye), from the audience.  Ink playfully squirts on Valiant's top, which infuriates the Private Eye, until it's disclosed that the ink is'disappearing ink'  Shortly after, the series starts, also Valiant is astonished to find that Jessica is not a bunny, however a sporty toon woman.  

Valiant sneaks out the rear once again to some window and sees Jessica in her room, with Marvin Acme.  Valiant takes images and shows them to Roger and Maroon from the primary office of the Studio Head.  Infuriated by the photos, Roger claims he and his wife will probably be glad, and bolts from the workplace
At this time, Roger gets a bit carried away, and inadvertently handcuffs himself.  It will not help that Valiant doesn't have keys, and also, the weasels demonstrate up searching for Roger.  Valiant pretends to be washing his laundry in the sink when they arrive, and after that, the weasels leave, Roger, emerges from the pan. She allows them both into a hidden room at the back of the restaurant, by which Valiant understands the handcuffs off, also informs them that he considers that Acme's passing was set up by R.K. Maroon and that Maroon wants to capture hands of Toontown.

Valiant has Roger remain in the hidden place, while he goes straight back to his office.  Meanwhile, the Valiant sends Dolores Down Town to confirm the aide of Acme's will.  After taking a shower pops up to get Jessica has come into any office, seeking help finding Roger.  

Valiant claims she likely needs Roger to'make the strategy work.' Still, Jessica claims she does love her husband, and her'figure' frequently leads to speculation of her 'poor'  Jessica goes onto explain that the pictures that Valiant took were set-up.  

Maroon had to blackmail Acme and promised Jessica that if she didn't move together with his strategy, Roger would never work in graphics again.  She allowed herself to move along with the scheme.  Shortly afterwards, Dolores shows up and explains that Valiant's notion is erroneous.  Maroon appears to possess no goals of accessing Toontown.

According to the probate, a company called Cloverleaf Industries place at a bid for the rights to Toontown, and at nighttime, they've ownership unless Acme's will turns up.  Additionally, it happens that cloverleaf Industries also recently asserted ownership of the Red Car Trolley Line. 

Valiant and Dolores return to the restaurant just to get Roger dancing about into the amusement of their guests.  Valiant throws Roger and himself in the hidden space, only before Judge Doom and his weasels appear. 

Everybody else within the room warrants that Roger was not there, however, Doom gets him to appear by tapping and singing'Shave and a hair cut.'  As stated by Doom,  no toon can withstand this particular song, without completing it together with two pieces.'  As expected, Roger appears, and afterwards is accosted by Doom.  

Valiant conserves the rabbit by offering him a beverage.  Roger's inability to keep his alcohol,  turns his head to some giant steam whistle.  Valiant knocks from of the weasels, and stands out of the bar with Roger directing the way.  Trying to use the weasel's Toon Patrol lane, they run into a cartoon taxi named Benny at the rear of the car.  

Valiant and Roger subsequently use Benny to escape out of the weasels.  Benny residue them at a theatre, at which Roger appreciates the goofy' cartoon playing on the screen, but Valiant remains mad.  Roger, who's increased perplexed at Eddie's attitude, asks  what happened to show him into this type of'sour puss.'  

Valiant then explains that his wife and partner, Teddy, were killed utilizing a toon.  Many years back, while exploring a robbery at the First National Bank of Toontown, both Eddie, and Teddy, were chasing some guy who dropped a piano on them from 1-3 stories up.  The movie broke Eddie's arm but killed Teddy. 

Valiant never learned who the toon had been, except he had'burning red eyes' and a high squeaky voice.'  Roger feels awful about that, and sobs that Eddie is warranted in their hatred of him and also toons.  Eddie asserts he doesn't hate Roger, and to the toon, the bunny is overjoyed.  

On their way from the theatre, a newsreel plays footage of cloverleaf Industries executives making a bargain with R.K. Maroon, and Valiant thinks he has finally found the connection!'  Valiant calls R.K. Maroon, telling him he's the will, like a way to enter to see the Studio Owner. Valiant meets with Maroon, that seems very worried about the whole thing. 

Valiant uses Roger's love-letter for a ploy to throw Maroon off-guard, and then yells the Studio Owner to the ground, wanting replies.  If Maroon denies any wrongdoing, Valiant conducts his tie using a movie-o-la, nearly strangling him.  

Maroon explains that he had a chance to market his studio; however, cloverleaf also wanted Acme's property.  When Marvin refused, Maroon planned to blackmail him with pictures of him (Acme) and Jessica.  Maroon subsequently proceeds to use and explain more, when suddenly gunfire erupts, and Maroon remains wounded.  Valiant would go to the window where the shots came out to watch Jessica.