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Seven Movie Summary

Detective William Somerset (played by Morgan Freeman), a homicide veteran is only a week from his long-awaited retirement. Each moment of his 32 years at work is obvious in Somerset's tired and exhausted face, and his spirit hurts with the agony of having been through so much throughout his career.

However, Somerset's retirement must sit tight for one final case, for which he cooperates with young David Mills (played by Brad Pitt), the blazing investigator set to replace him toward the week's end. He has talked his hesitant spouse, Tracy (Gwyneth Paltrow), into moving to the large city with the goal that he can handle significant cases, yet his first and Somerset's last have an unexpected end result.

A brutal serial killer is organizing terrible killings, picking casualties based on the seven capital sins. Initially, an obese man is compelled to eat until his stomach breaks representing one of the seven capital sins, gluttony, then a well off lawyer is made to remove his very own pound of flesh as atonement for greed. Somerset at first won't take the case, understanding that there will be five additional homicides, horrible lessons about desire, sloth, pride, fury, and jealousy introduced by a crazy person to an evil world. Somerset is right, and something inside him can't release the case, driving the tired analyst to group with Mills and see the case to its unspeakably ghastly end. 

Seven Movie Cast

  • Brad Pitt as Detective David Mills
  • Morgan Freeman as Detective Lieutenant William Somerset
  • Gwyneth Paltrow as Tracy Mills
  • Kevin Spacey as John Doe
  • R. Lee Ermey as Police Captain
  • Richard Roundtree as District Attorney Martin Talbot
  • Richard Schiff as Mark Swarr
  • Mark Boone Junior as Greasy FBI Man
  • Michael Massee as Man in Massage Parlour Booth
  • Leland Orser as Crazed Man in Massage Parlour
  • Julie Araskog as Mrs Gould
  • John C. McGinley as SWAT team leader California
  • Hawthorne James as George

Directed by
  • David Fincher

Produced by
  • Arnold Kopelson
  • Phyllis Carlyle

Written by
  • Andrew Kevin Walker

  • Darius Khondji
Edited by
  • Richard Francis-Bruce

Production company
  • Cecchi Gori Pictures
  • Juno Pix

Distributed by
  • New Line Cinema

Release date
  • September 22, 1995 (United States)

  • $33 million

Box office
  • $327.3 million

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Seven Movie Story

In an unidentified city of steady downpour and urban rot, Detective William Somerset (Morgan Freeman) is getting ready to resign and leave the city. Before he resigns, he is banded together with Detective David Mills (Brad Pitt), a hot-headed, youthful and touchy cop from Springfield, a nearly modest community. He and Somerset meet at the location of a murder Somerset is exploring. Somerset offers to take Mills out for a drink so they can talk and become more acquainted with one another yet Mills is too anxious to even think about getting the option to work and is unmoved with Somerset's endeavour to tutor him. 

The two research the homicide of an extremely chubby man (Bob Mack) who was having spaghetti until a kick to his stomach burst him open. Somerset examines the homicide while Mills is given the homicide instance of a famous Defense Attorney Eli Gould (Gene Borkan), with GREED written in Gould's blood on the floor. Gould had to cut a pound of tissue off of his body and hence seeped to death. The police chief gives Somerset a proof holder with three fragments of a plastic-like material found in the stomach of the hefty man, which he had to expend alongside the spaghetti.

Heading off to the casualty's home, Somerset discovers three score stamps before the fridge and finds that the plastic-like fragments fit into them consummately. Realizing the fragments came about because of the fridge being moved, Somerset looks behind it. He finds the word GLUTTONY composed behind the refrigerator in oil, alongside a note containing a statement from Milton's Paradise Lost. Somerset conjectures that a sequential executioner is putting together his violations with respect to the Seven Deadly Sins, with five more to go. 

To allow Mills and Somerset to coexist with one another, Mills' wife, Tracy Mills (Gwyneth Paltrow) welcomes Somerset over for supper. While they are eating, a raised train passes by on the track close by, making the structure and every one of its substance and occupants trembles: the couple notice that that is the reason the real estate professional was so anxious for them to see the loft rapidly, attempting to shroud the nearness of the train.

After Tracy hits the sack, Mills and Somerset inspect case proof from the two scenes. They discover an image of Gould's significant other with blood painted around the eyes. Accepting that this implies she should spot something about the homicide scene that no one else would, the investigators have a distressed Mrs Gould (Julie Araskog) take a gander at the photos in a protected house and she sees a theoretical artistic creation that is topsy turvy. Brushing powder on the divider behind the composition, Somerset discovers fingerprints illustrating the words "Help Me." 

Subsequent to running the fingerprints through AFIS, the prints are followed a day later to a paedophile named Victor (Michael Reid MacKay), who got away from a conviction for the assault of a minor because of the endeavours of his legal counsellor, Eli Gould, the GREED casualty. Smack and the criminologists assault his loft and see Victor as the SLOTH casualty, having been bound to his bed for one year to the day, as confirmed by pictures at the scene; one taken each day from the day he is found.

Surprisingly, he is as yet alive however experiencing serious physical and mental disintegration. His hand was cut off and pushed onto the divider behind the artistic creation to leave the prints. Plants and Somerset request to investigate Victor in the clinic, yet the specialist says that he's bitten off his tongue and that "his mind is mush" from the experience. 

That night, Tracy considers Somerset and solicitations that he meet with her. The following morning, Somerset meets Tracy in a coffee shop where she discloses to him how hopeless she is in "the city." At Somerset's asking, Tracy uncovers the reality of her solicitation to meet: she is pregnant, terrified of bringing up a youngster where they presently live and scared of telling David. Somerset encourages her to reveal to her significant other just on the off chance that she chooses to have it, and he sets himself for instance: he demanded his accomplice have a fetus removal, that he, at last, persuaded her, and now he is repentant. 

Soon thereafter, utilizing contact in the FBI, Somerset gets a library rundown of individuals who have acquired books identified with the Seven Deadly Sins. The rundown drives the investigators to a man named John Doe, whose loft they visit before long. Doe, his face covered up, considers them to be he gets back home, pulls out a weapon and starts shooting. After a short pursuit, Doe hits Mills with a tire iron, keeps him repressed at gunpoint, however, allows him to live and abruptly escapes. 

Factories need to drive their way into Doe's condo, accepting that they have reasonable justification since Doe took shots at them. Somerset attempts to talk him down, saying the technique they used to discover Doe's condo was illicit and that Doe would go free in the event that they got him. Factories kick the entryway in at any rate.

While they search the loft (in the wake of paying off an occupant to guarantee she had called the investigators about Doe) they discover scratch pad of his considerations, trophies of the wrongdoings and an image of Mills warding off Doe, who, at that point, was acting like a press picture taker. John Doe calls the loft and praises the analysts on them discovering him and apologizes for hitting Mills, likewise telling the youthful criminologist that he "appreciates" him incredibly.

Their activities, he says, have made him change his arrangements, and he hangs up. They likewise discover a photograph of a young lady, a whore (Cat Mueller), who they accept might be the following casualty. A receipt drives them to a S&M cowhide shop where Doe put in a request for a sexual gadget. The young lady is before long discovered dead in a stay with LUST composed on the entryway.

Likewise found in the room is a noticeably shaken man (Leland Orser) constrained by Doe at gunpoint to wear and utilize the gadget, an enormous tie on dildo with an edge connection, to assault and murder the young lady. The proprietor of the spot, Wild Billy (Martin Serene) can provide no insight into the physical angle or the folder case John Doe utilized, as each client used to convey extraordinary garments or hardware into the spot. 

The following morning, a model (Heidi Schanz) is discovered dead with PRIDE composed on the wrongdoing scene. Her nose has been cut off ("to show disdain toward her face") whereupon Doe gave her the decision of suicide by dozing pills or calling for help and living scarred. She picked the previous and gulped the pills.

As the criminologists come back to the police central station, John Doe approaches them, his hands dying (he shaved the skin from his fingertips to keep away from ID) and surrender himself. He converses with his legal counsellor and concurs that on the off chance that he can take Somerset and Mills to two additional bodies, he will admit to all the killings.

Doe's legal counsellor additionally cautions that if Somerset and Mills don't concur, Doe will argue craziness and the last two casualties may never be found. Needing an admission, the investigators concur. Somerset and Mills both have mouthpieces taped to their chests so the remainder of the team can screen their discussion with Doe. During the prep, Mills attempts to enlighten Somerset regarding a worry he has with Tracy, however, can't force himself to speak completely about it. 

As the three travel to the desert edges of the city in a vehicle, they are trailed by a police helicopter for security (flown by John Santin and James Deeth). Doe clarifies his method of reasoning behind the homicides as a method of demonstrating individuals the really shrewd nature of the world, just as his craving to rebuff the fiendish. He proceeds to state he will be recollected and appreciated for what he has done, having been "picked" to do as such. As Doe talks, the sickened Mills is headed to anger and shouts at Doe while Somerset resists the urge to panic, yet obviously stressed. 

When they arrive at the edges, Doe guides them to a particular spot close to some power link towers. The investigators walk Doe out to an open spot. After a couple of seconds, a van shows up and Somerset stops it a few hundred yards away, abandoning Mills to cover Doe. The driver (Richmond Arquette) claims somebody paid him $500 to convey a case to Mills at this spot at precisely 7 o'clock.

As Somerset opens the container, he pulls back with sickening apprehension from what he sees inside. As he races back to Mills and urgently shouts for him to discard his firearm, Doe states to Mills that he respects Mills' life, to the point of being jealous of his significant other and the affection they share. He goes further, saying he visited Mills' home and that he attempted to "play spouse" with Tracy that day however it didn't work out and he took a keepsake rather: "her pretty head."

 It was Doe's arrangement that Mills will kill him, as Doe himself was blameworthy of ENVY, desirous of Mills' less complex life. He additionally uncovers to Mills that Tracy was pregnant and that she asked to be saved alive for the wellbeing of the child. Factories, in spite of the arguing of Somerset, is so crushed by his better half's demise and the information that she was pregnant, that he shoots Doe in the head, Doe shutting his eyes to get his discipline. Plants shoot Doe's body five additional occasions. In slaughtering Doe in retaliation, Mills comes to epitomize the transgression of WRATH, finishing Doe's "magnum opus." Somerset can just reserve, defenceless to do anything. 

After a mental Mills is removed, their commander discloses to Somerset that they'll "deal with Mills," realizing the jury will denounce him. Somerset answers, "Whatever he needs". He additionally tells his commander that he will be "around;" inferring that he will remain on the power. As the camera works out from the desert, the film closes with Somerset citing Ernest Hemingway: "'The world is a fine spot, and worth battling for.' I concur with the subsequent part."