Prisoners Movie (2013) | Summary, Cast & Plot

Prisoners Movie (2013) | Summary, Cast & Plot
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Prisoners Movie Summary

PRISONERS, by Oscar-nominated director Denis Villeneuve, stars Oscar nominee's Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal in a story that presents the question: How far would you go to protect your child?   Anna, his daughter, is missing, Joy, together with her friend, also as minutes turn to hours, fear sets in.  The motive is a dilapidated RV which had been parked on their street.  Transferring the research, Detective Loki (Gyllenhaal) arrests its motorist, Alex Jones (Paul Dano), but a lack of evidence forces the only real defendant's release.  Knowing his child's life are at stake, the frantic Dover decides he's got no option but to take things into their own hands.  But how much will this desperate daddy proceed to shield his family?

Prisoners Movie Review

What a film.  The suspense is modest nevertheless powerful.  By the beginning, to end the movie only went at the right pace suspicion on whoever you think but actually are not.  The reasoning for abduction is obscure and feeble.  I felt as though they should have clarified the plot just a little more to get a regular audience.  Nevertheless, the combination of mystery and detective tags of the movie hold good.  Totally worth seeing after.  My proposal, don't get carried away by what you may see.

Prisoners Movie Cast

  • Hugh Jackman as Keller Dover
  • Jake Gyllenhaal as Detective Loki
  • Viola Davis as Nancy Birch
  • Maria Bello as Grace Dover
  • Terrence Howard as Franklin Birch
  • Melissa Leo as Holly Jones
  • Paul Dano as Alex Jones
  • Dennis Christopher as Mr. Jones
  • Dylan Minnette as Ralph Dover
  • Zoë Soul as Eliza Birch
  • Erin Gerasimovich as Anna Dover
  • Kyla-Drew Simmons as Joy Birch
  • Wayne Duvall as Captain Richard O'Malley
  • Len Cariou as Father Patrick Dunn
  • David Dastmalchian as Bob Taylor
  • Jeff Pope as Elliot Milland

Directed by
  • Denis Villeneuve

Produced by
  • Broderick Johnson
  • Kira Davis
  • Andrew A. Kosove
  • Adam Kolbrenner

Written by
  • Aaron Guzikowski

Music by
  • Jóhann Jóhannsson

  • Roger A. Deakins

Edited by
  • Joel Cox
  • Gary D. Roach

Production company
  • Alcon Entertainment
  • 8:38 Productions
  • Madhouse Entertainment

Distributed by
  • Warner Bros. Pictures
  • (United States)
  • Summit Entertainment
  • (International)

Release date
  • September 20, 2013 (United States)

Prisoners Movie Trailer

Prisoners Movie Plot 

Loki informs the Dovers evidence against Alex Jones is feeble and attempts to calm him down.  The polygraph evaluations of him prove due to his low IQ, and he repeatedly denies ever having seen the children.  He is going to be released in just two days, as the police cannot find signs against Alex.  Loki requests his Capt to keep Alex longer, but the senior fails.

Loki upgrades him over the search. Loki interviews sexual offenders within a radius of the girls' homes.  Loki finds a Father Patrick Dunn features a mummified and jumped body in a cellar.  The human anatomy is sporting a round medallion with a structure.

Father Dunn claims he didn't know who the person was, but that in confession the man talked about murdering sixteen children and also admitted to using a marital dispute.  Father Dunn confesses he convinced the man to come to his house, where he murdered him"to save the children" and will be arrested for murder.

While the Birches teen daughter Eliza is in the tub, the strange man walks quietly within their home.  She finds out an open window also thinks Anna had come back.  Detective Loki arrives writes her down the announcement of someone coming in through the window.  Grace shows him that the basement, Keller's shuttle.

Loki sees a sack of lye and asks Grace where Keller is; she says he could be out looking to their daughter. Sometime later Keller realizes that the girls have not returned and that the teens hadn't escorted the 2 young ones.  His home is searched by Keller to no avail.  Out of earlier ralph returns from appearing additionally and cites the RV.   His phone buzzes.

After a police hunt, the RV is located parked out a gas station near a wooded location.  After Det. Loki, who heads the situation, visits confront the RV's motorist, Alex Jones (Paul Dano), Alex panics, strives to speed away but crashes to the trees.
Having a small flashlight, even Keller explores his dungeon.  He finds prays and his daughter's sin for Anna's safety. Loki takes place.  Holly goes to a room to get Anna.  The house is entered by Loki and sees an older photo of the RV and Holly's husband.  He creeps toward a noise.  Holly is currently injecting the girl and Loki demands she stop, they fire their weapons.  Holly is killed, and an injured, damn Loki races that the girl to the hospital.
The search of the river and the woods persists.  Keller attacks him in the police parking lot and has found out when Alex is being released.  He hears Alex say"They did not shout until they left them"  Though no one is close enough to know this corroborate, Keller takes this as proof that Alex shot girls.
At the Jones house, Loki interviews Alex and Holly about the parking lot episode.  He threatens to ship the aunt to prison when Alex is not honest.  He stands and then leaves in front of an old vehicle.
Keller would go to the Jones home to"apologize" to Holly for attacking Alex at the police station.

She invites him and informs Dover her child died of cancer and also commiserated.  Keller.  Holly additionally mentions snakes were retained by her husband.  A paper headline captures Dover's attention, the record on Taylor's suicide.  Capt. O'Malley attempts to tell Loki to get over it, you can't win them all also to find a girlfriend.

Loki belongs to his workstation in a rage.  In a heap of photos, he finds a photo of a maze similar to the one Taylor drew.  Straight back at Taylor's house, another cop shows that the blood to the youngsters' clothes is found to be a pig's blood.  Taylor is now felt to be a bogus killer copying a book titled"The Invisible Man" which prominently features mazes, especially a circular maze (found in the"sequence" at the"Prisoners" symbol so that as the compilation medallion worn by the human body in Father Dunn's cellar ) that Taylor was drawing while in custody.  Loki can't figure out just how Taylor had the clothes of the lost girl.
Holly is friendly and invites him in for tea.  Keller faces her about the girls, however, the female holds him at gunpoint and forces him to put on handcuffs and absorb the exact same stimulant utilized to medication Anna and Joy.

She directs him.  She reveals she and her husband was religious men and women, like Keller, before their son died of cancer at a younger age.  Holly and her partner chose to make war on God by making children disappear without a hint to turn their parents into allies, according to what Keller had become.

Her husband then disappeared and she"does what she could."  She requests informs him, Alex and Keller, to drive.  The vehicle was covering a pit, then Holly shoots at him in the leg and attempts to force him in, he drops into the hole.  She shuts the hood and lid that the vehicle again over the lid. The Capt. informs Loki to go to Holly's and let her find out about Alex.
In the saltwater, Loki follows Dover but has been"made," Dover turns straight from the apartment and goes to a local liquor store instead. Loki wonders what he had been doing in the region.  Dover asks why he's being followed and approaches with a jar.  He says that this is the first beverage in nine decades.  Loki urges Dover to look after himself and his wife.

Dover gets very angry, however, goes home although It's been six days.  He also dreams he sees Anna. Loki works at his computer.  He reads an old news record of a suicide, which happened at 234 Campobelloprecisely the exact location Dover was close.

Dover brings her into the apartment where Alex is brutally beaten, bloody and tied to the bathroom floor.  She unties Alex and attempts to talk to him nicely, but he attempts to escape.  He is grabbed by Dover.  As Dover starts assembling something out of 12, tied again, Alex watches.
Loki confronts Taylor in his home, notices he is forcibly and strange handcuffs him.  He calls it in and searches the home.  The walls are covered in drawings of intricate mazes.  At a back room, boxes are all full of venomous snakes maze novels, and bloody children's clothing.  At the police station, Dovers and Birches spot clothing belonging by the crates to their children, and Taylor confesses to murdering them.

Taylor is weeping brings on a maze and while dunked in the interrogation room.  For a little while enters Loki watches.  He defeats on Taylor during questioning and also loses control, and different cops rush into.  Taylor handles to catch one of the officers' gun out of his belt and commits suicide.
That night, Keller abducts Alex in gunpoint while walking his dog, and imprisons him at his dad's old abandoned, run-down flat house.  The next morning He shows Franklin Birch, the seized man bound with duct tape; Birch is horrified as Keller starts questioning.  Detective Loki researches beyond unexplained missing children's cases.

One is a boy missing since age 6, Barry Milland, 26 decades ago.  An interview with his mum shows her playing and replaying a VHS cassette of him just before his abduction.  He interviews Father Dunn again, in marriage.  Dunn says the man abducted children and took a lot more than one at one time.  Loki feels that knowledge is not unworthy.  DNA does not identify the body or missing persons' reports.
Keller repeatedly beats Alex for information, enraged that the man will not state what he did with girls. He returns into the Dover's house and finds that a small sock from the bushes.  Someone calls Grace, and that she excitedly finds Keller. Joy Birch has been found wandering, drugged and can be hospitalized.  Keller attempts to wonder the girl.

Anna remains missing.  In her drugged state, Joy rambles that Keller had been still there, giving individuals around her the impression that Keller remains in onto it.  Keller runs as Loki chase him in the hospital. Loki loses Keller, but heads outside Keller's apartment building and finds the imprisoned Alex.
The day Keller tortures A-Lex with alternating scalding and freezing water from the showerhead.  Alex attempts to talk, however, Dover only wishes to hear where girls are.  Dover kneels to pray.  Loki enters the floor and gets to the boarded-up building.  He discovers.

Dover provides the policeman with a tour of their building, and then his cellular phone rings with the shop clerk the intruder was seen.  Loki is told the license plate number by the clerk, and he renders.
Captain O'Malley lets Dover off with a warning and sends him home after having a brief conversation to Loki.
Back at the flat prison Keller recites and sits the Lord's Prayer. At the police station, the Captain chides Loki for its death.  Keller is drinking just as Alex finally talks and mentions something about choosing the girls.
Loki watches the video of Alex' meeting; he gets a phone call hint.  A discount store clerk recognizes him states he comes in from time to time to test children's mannequins and purchase kids' clothing.  She asserts to contact Loki if he comes to this store.
During a candlelight vigil for the lost girls, Detective Loki finds a guy acting suspicious but leaves him at a chase. That day Birch watches that the news item on television about the man, they show a sketch and another day he would go to watch Dover and tell him why there was just another potential man.
Loki and his boss, Capt. O'Malley argues about funds to the ongoing hunt. Later, Dover then brings the Birches back into the flat.  Keller has built an enclosure around the tub in which he nails Alex. It is lacking light aside from a small PVC tubing talk-hole.  Keller says differently he would kill the guy, and challenges the Birches to let him go.  Franklin says it must avoid but does nothing when Nancy informs him to consider Joy.
Alex is drawn in for questioning, however, it is found rarely and that he has the IQ of a 10-year-old speaks.   Alex's uncle left home after a domestic dispute.  Alex spends many nights sleeping in the RV and does not have things.  The RV shows no forensic evidence was forcibly taken in to or fought inside the RV, also the low intellect of Alex means he couldn't have covered up such evidence. At night volunteers search the woods calling for its girls.  Loki comes towards the Birch house and receives better photos in your own kid.

At the Dovers, Loki informs Grace they passed the lie detector tests they did, '' he asked if a reason was the girls ran off.  Grace is weepy and says the girls were happy, Loki promises to locate your ex.  He greets.
Another morning a bandaged Loki reads a newspaper, the headline says Barry Milland, aka Alex Jones, was reunited with his loved ones.  Grace comes in and says Anna is going to be fine, both '' the Birches and Dovers leave.  Grace says Keller hasn't contacted her; she realizes when caught Keller is going to probably be going to prison.
On the drive home, Keller informs his son to always"get prepared"  Old RV drives beyond the Dover home.  They speak about the household financing; Ralph wonders Keller says it really is in bad condition, why they don't let the grandfather's older flat.  The family, Keller, his wife Grace, son and daughter walk with their friends the Birches to your neighbour's house for Thanksgiving dinner.  The families have a good time.

Anna Dover jumps to the old RV parked by the curb, while the adults cook the kiddies go out; they realize someone is indoors and return for the Birch house.  Franklin Birch (Terrence Howard) is an affable man and plays with a lousy trumpet.  After dinner, then the daughters leave to go back to Anna's house to get her safety whistle she actually is likely to carry at all times.
Grace is distraught, Keller gives her a sedative to help her sleep.  He informs his son to be grownup and brave and look after his mum, then leaves your house. At night, at the Jones house, the CSI techs say they have discovered some dead snakes, but the earth is suspended.  They leave for the evening.  Loki stays behind for a while then hears a whistle.